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At Eling Infant School we hope to create geographers who are intrigued of not only their own area, but the UK and the world. We will give them the skills to analyse resources and explore environments. The children will be hands on, looking at maps, photos, and diagrams so that can they find out information for themselves. This will allow them to come to terms with how big and diverse our world is. We also hope that this gives them inspiration to find out more about the world they live in.

Our creative curriculum and topics will provide brilliant opportunities for children to become geographers. Exploring Eling will be vital so that they can see what amenities there are. We will then compare these to other areas, such as Brockenhurst.  In our ‘Africa topic, we will go further afield to research places such as Kenya, allowing children to build a bigger understanding of the world. Food tasting will act as a spur to find out more.

By the end of KS1, we want children to have a better understanding of the 7 continents, 5 oceans and the names and capital cities of the UK countries. To help with this constant map work will be vital so they find these out independently. Language is vital, and we will encourage our children to talk about the human and physical geographical features of different areas using words such as city, town, beach and mountain. Fieldwork, both local and around Southampton, will facilitate this.

The earth is a large and diverse planet which we want the children to explore. Being excited by ‘what’s out there’ will create learners who will be future explorers.

(Reviewed by subject leader January 2018)