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At Eling Infant School we hope to create independent historians who are curious about themselves and the past. We want them to ask questions, to analyse resources and to compare and argue own opinions. We will provide opportunities for children to think critically about not only their history, but the history of significant individuals in the past, such as Neil Armstrong and Mary Seacole. These people have contributed to major changes globally and we will learn about these changes. We also want them to look at their own locality and features and then discuss how these features compare to other areas, not only in England, but outside of Europe. Children will have chances to look at key events beyond living memory, such as the Great Fire of London, and how these events shaped society when they happened.


Our creative curriculum will provide topics that will act as stepping stones for children to become young historians and detectives. They will have chances to look at artefacts and images and think critically about them. Visits alongside these topics will again serve as an opportunity for children to pose their own questions and formulate their own arguments.


Children will have chances to look at their own short history, and through events such as ‘Grandparents Day’,  see how society has changed over the last 5 or 6 decades. This will help them establish their own identity. Trips around the local area will be taken so that children can see the features of ‘their’ Eling. We are fortunate enough to have a working Tide Mill on our door step that gives Eling its own distinctive character. The New Forest is very close by and provides a contrast to the Eling area. 


By the time children leave year 2, we hope to have given them key independent skills that allow them to find out their own facts and interpret not only their history, but events beyond living memory.


(Reviewed by subject leader January 2018.)