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Curriculum newsletter summer 2 half term

Welcome back Dolphins!!! We have made it to the last half term. The children have been tackling lots of problems independently which has shown me how far they have come. Our topic is 'Twisted Tales' where we will be hearing different traditional tales. We will then hear twisted versions of them, such as 'Jim and the Beanstalk'. There are lots of changes for our children so if you have any concerns please come and to have a chat.

A huge well done to all of the children for this half term, especially the year 2s who showed just how fantastic they are when doing their quizzes! Year 1s remember it's your turn for a phonics quiz soon so keep reading over the break and spotting those 'special friends' in words! Have a lovely, relaxing break everyone and we look forward to seeing you in June for our new topic, Twisted Tales!


The KS1 Team

We had an excellent time at the New Forest Wildlife Park. The children learnt so much about the animals and got to see the wolves being fed at the end of the day. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the staff who spoke to the children and the parent helpers who allowed us to go!

Here is our new curriculum leaflet about our topic 'WOLVES'. Have a read to see what we will be learning this half term. There are some words on the back which you may want to discuss with your child.

WELCOME BACK! I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter break and are refresehed and ready to go for our summer term. Our topic is wolves, and you will find our curriculum leaflet below this text, where you can find out about our learning during these five weeks.

I have been so proud of the class this half term. We have spoken about problems that our world is facing, such as plastic pollution and the decline of bees. The children have been so keen to do their bit in keeping our community clean and to increase bees in our area. These children are only 5, 6 and 7 years old, but it will be children like them who will help our world in the future.


I hope everyone has a great Easter. Have lots of rest and enjoy the spring weather! Please keep going with reading and practical maths, such as telling the time, or using coins to pay for items. I will send home some activities for year 2 parents and carers for some extra ideas for how to help your child at home. 

What a great way to end our topic! Remember to always recycle and re-use!

We had an amazing World Book Day! Thank you for the outfits that your children wore, they looked amazing. Remember to keep reading and sharing stories.

Welcome back. We hope everyone had a great break. Here is our curriculum overview for our new topic 'Wonderful World'. Please read to find out what we will be learning and how you can help at home.

Here are some photos of our round up. Well done Dolphins, it is not easy talking to lots of adults but you did amazing! PROUD MOMENT!

We are half way through the year! What a great half term! It was amazing learning about Robert Falcon Scott and his expedition to Antarctica. I hope everyone has a well earned break. Please keep reading as much as you can! See you on Monday 25th of February.

Here is the curriculum leaflet for our next topic after Christmas. Please have a look to find out what we will be learning.

I would just like to say how well the children have done over Christmas! This has been a long term and they have kept on going right to the end. The Christmas performances were brilliant, as was the ukulele concert. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and New Year. See you in January.

Thank you to all the IBM staff who helped deliver our tri-science morning. The children loved all the activities and the learning.

What a great round up and a brilliant way to finish our topic on space. Thank you for all your help this topic. I hope you enjoy their lap books with all their information on space. NOW TIME FOR CHIRSTMAS!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the amazing planetarium dome experience today. A big thank you to the PTA and parents for raising the funds for this fantastic start to our topic on space. We can't wait to continue learning all about it!

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a great break. Please read the curriclum leaflet all about our new topic 'SPACE'. Here you can find out what we are learning and when our round up will be.

What a great first half term Dolphins! They have been brilliant adjusting to their new class. I would like to thank all parents and carers for supporting your children on their learning jounrey. Keep up with the reading, keywords, purple mash jobs etc. Have a great half term and we look forward to seeing you on the 29th of October.


Dolphins team.

What a great way to end our topic around books. Thank you for coming in to share stories with your children. Please remember how important reading is!

We had a great day learning about fire safety with Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. The children have learnt how to stay safe at home, they should be prompting you to test your fire alarm once a week and what to do if they hear a fire alarm. Thank you Hampshire Fire and Rescue!

We had an excellent trip to the library. Thank you Totton library for allowing us to use your facilities. The children should all have library cards now, so get down to the library and share books with your children!

Hello from the Dolphins. Now the children are all settled it has been great seeing them learn in their new class. Thank you for all those who attended the 'Meet the Teacher'. If you have any enquiries please don't hesitate to ask. Keep going with reading, books and keywords.

Thank you for all those who attended the music concert on Friday. We have been very lucky to receive music lessons from Mrs Constance all year and the children have loved these sessions. Luckily we will have her back next year!

We have had a brilliant week doing art around our topic forests. Thank you to all those who have come in to support us, such as the students from Testwood School. Well done Mrs Collins on organising such as great week. We hope you enjoy the art gallery!

We had a brilliant trip to Bolderwood. We learnt all about the forest, animal habitats and even created our own creatures. Thank you to the New Forest authority who helped us today. Please have a look at the photos below.

Welcome back! I hope everyone had good half term holiday. Our new topic is now 'Forests'. Please read the document attached which will tell you what we are learning this half term.

I just want to say thank you to all the Dolphins this half term. The year 2s have had to do lots of quizzes which were not easy. They did so brilliantly and I was very proud seeing them tackle these quizzes. The year 1s were also working on their learning, especially their phonics. You guys deserve a well earned rest. I hope you all have a great break and hopefully get some sun. See you all for the last half term.
I hope everyone had a brilliant Easter and welcome back! The children have started the half term by planning a disgusting sandwich. Please make sure you try and read as much as possible with your child, either listening to them or reading to them. Can the year 2 children bring in any of the quizzes they did over the holidays and please let the class teacher know if you had any concerns with them.

Our new topic is 'Sandy Toes'. Please read our curriculum newsletter to find out what we will be learning this half term.

What a great way to end the half term. The children looked amazing during our Easter bonnet parade in school. Thank you for all your help with their bonnets. Have a great half term and we will see you on April 16th.

We would just like to say how amazing the children looked on 'World Book Day'. We appreciate all the effort their parents and carers put in. We had a great day reading different books and then doing activities linked to them, such as learning a magic trick and building with straws. We hope they all feel inspired to keep reading at home!

What a great start to our new topic of Africa! We have had a brilliant day doing Adinkra printing and story telling. The children loved doing the African drumming and dance as well! We had a fabulous time. A big thank you to Kwame and Lotte ( for coming in and sharing all their amazing knowledge of Africa.

Our topic after the Febraury half term is 'AFRICA'. Please read this curriculum newsletter to find out what we will be learning over the next six weeks

Thank you for all your effort this half term Dolphins. We are half way through the year! Thanks also to all the parents and carers for helping with learning at home, we do appreciate it. Keep going with reading as much as possible. Practical maths will also help, such as using money and telling the time. Have a great break!

If you would like to find out more information about how to keep your children safe on the internet following Safer Internet Day, the following websites provide helpful tips for parents and carers;









As part of Safer Internet Day, Dolphin class have been thinking about being kind to each other on the internet as well as which images are safe to put online. The children have created posters on what they most like about school and have written positive comments about them for each other. We have discussed how by putting these on our class page, anyone in the world can view our posters and we are very proud of them!

Thank you ASDA for a great trip. The children had a great time finding out how the bakery, tills and pizza counter work, along with finding out where our food comes from.

I hope everyone had a great break over Christmas. Our new topic is now ' Bodies'. Please read the curriculum newsletter below to find out what we are learning.

Our topic this half term is 'Bodies'. Here is our curriculum newsletter with information regarding what we are learning and how you can help.

I just want to say how brilliant the Dolphins, Seals and Seahorses did performing our Christmas nativity. They sang, read and acted beautifully, and we even had three year ones step in the fill year 2 rolls. To see how far they have come this term is amazing. One week to go, dont forget our trip to the Church on Wednesday 20th at 10am. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and New Year!

Thank you to all the people who came from IBM to deliver our TRISCIENCE Day. The children loved the activities and came out wanting to do more. Thank you!

What a brilliant round up! I thought the children did brilliantly in creating an interactive museum. I hope that those who attended came out knowing a lot of facts about the Great Fire of London. Now it is time for the Christmas build up.

Cinderella day was amazing. The children looked brilliant and had fun learning about the story. Please look at the ks1 page for pictures.

I hope everyone had a great rest over half term. Our new topic is 'Fire Fire' and we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. Here is our curriculum newsletter with information about the half term and how you can help.

Here is our curriculum leaflet for the Autumn 1 half term.

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a lovely summer. My name is Mr McElhenny and I am the Dolphin class teacher. Miss Evans and Miss Hounsome are the class teaching assistants. It has been great seeing the class come together and get to know each other. If you have any questions please pop in before or after school. Our topic letter will be on the website soon, so you can find out what we are learning this half term. Please don't forget to sign up for the meet the teachers next Tuesday 14th September at either 3pm or 5pm so that you can find out all about our learning in year 1 and 2.


Dolphin team.

We are having a great time this week doing our arts week. I would like to thank the students from Testwood school who came in and taught us four different types of art. Please don't forget to pop into the hall after school on Friday 14th to see our art gallery.

Here are some photos from our visit to the local church. We were thinking about special places and why they are special.

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a great break. The curriculum newsletter for our new topic 'Megastructures' is on the KS1 page. The trip to Portchester Castle trip was amazing and the children were brilliantly behaved. Enjoy the pictures.

THAT IS THE END OF THE TERM! Thank you for all your help with the bonnets, the children looked brilliant. I hope everyone has a great break and a well needed rest over the next two weeks. Please keep going with reading, writing diaries about days out and some practical maths. The year 2s will have a busy month in May so we need to keep them on their toes, but they have done brilliantly this term so resting is also vitally important.

We have had a brilliant day being taught about healthy eating by the Hampshire Catering Service. We enjoyed a healthy fruit kebab, a smoootie and then watched 'Ready Steady Cook' in the afternoon. WELL DONE MISS MAY! Thank you Hampshire Catering Service!


We have had a brilliant two weeks on our new topic 'journeys'. Thank you for all your support on our reading for pleasure day, we had a great day learning our story 'Stanley's stick' and the children had great fun creating their own stories. If you can spare some time during the week to come in and read with some of the children, please let me know. Thanks again.