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Welcome to Dance Club!


What we do...

  1. First and foremost we have lots of FUN!
  2. Each week we work on developing a fun dance routine which we get to perform to our parents/guardians at the end of each term. We even get to add our own moves in sometimes!
  3. We play dance games, enjoy a fun warm up (to make sure we're ready to dance), learn some funky street dance moves (as well as moves from other styles of dance too) and work on our dance routine.
  4. We always finish the session off with our Freestyle Circle where we get the chance to create and show off our own moves one by one. You'll spot some of our grown ups having a go in some of the pictures from our Autumn Term show smiley


If you love dancing along to your favourite songs then Dance Club is the place to be!


Dance Club is run by Miss Hyde who also runs her own Dance business outside of school called FUNkSTREET

She believes everyone should be able to enjoy dance - no matter how old they are - because dance should be fun! 

Click on the word FUNkSTREET above to find out more about what she does.

Autumn 2 - SHOW TIME!

Getting ready to show off our dance routine
This is my "I LOVE DANCE CLUB" face!
Showing off our "crazy legs" breakdance move
The boys showing off their "floor spins"
The girls showing off their "criss cross" step
Our grown ups joined in with our freestyle circle
Even grown ups can have fun dancing!
Showing off our own moves