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Diwali celebrations


At Eling Infant School we aim to support children’s own beliefs and values and to support them in developing an understanding and respect for the religious and culturally diverse environment they are growing up in. 

Through RE we build on children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural knowledge and  their cognitive, imaginative and emotional development. They learn skills that will give them the ability to respond to cultures, beliefs and practices in a way that fosters understanding and respect.  It also encourages them think about the big questions of life, God, what's real and what is right and wrong.

We follow the ‘Living difference’ syllabus for Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton which recommends a model for learning in KS1.  Our learning is covers basic concepts that children can relate to and focuses  on the religions of Christianity and Hinduism. 


We have links with some local churches and regularly visit St Marys in Eling as well as inviting people from the churches and from other religions to visit the school and talk to the children.

Children learn in many creative ways including drama, singing, performing, art, cooking, visits, visitors, stories, games and video clips.  We give children opportunities to reflect, share and explore what they believe and support them in applying what they have learnt to real life.  This can be a lot of fun as we celebrate many of the year’s festivals both in school and around Eling. 

We hope that RE lessons will give children a deeper understanding of why they think and believe what they do and a greater knowledge and respect for those who hold other views.


Reviewed by Subject Leader - February 2018