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Emotional Health and Wellbeing


Why is Emotional  Health and Wellbeing important?

For children and young people to succeed at school and in life, they need to develop emotional resilience. We can think of emotional resilience as being the capacity to regulate emotional states, to think and feel at the same time, to problem-solve, to bounce back from difficulties and set-backs, to learn from experiences and to seek help when its needed. Emotional resilience is vital for building and maintaining good mental health. 


The cornerstone of emotional resilience is having a good awareness of our own sensations, feelings and thoughts, as well as what is happening around us.  


On the following pages are some ideas to support your child in a range of areas



Mental health difficulties can affect anyone at any time. Many parents with mental health problems are able to give their children safe and loving care, without their children being negatively affected in any way. But sometimes, parents with mental health problems need support from family members, friends, neighbours and/or professionals, to help them care for their children.  We want to help by signposting to experts that could help. Please have a look at the  information below or please come and talk to us in school.