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Forest Schools

Week 7 

Wow what a final week a lovely story telling Session in the stable (Round house). Playing, certificates and CHOCOLATE BROWNIE! Thank you Grace and team for a brilliant time.


Please turn the sound right up to hear the reading in the story telling they really did brilliantly well worth a watch!

The Christmas Story told from the stable

Week 6 

Walk to the lake 

Having a paddle 

Throwing stones 

Den building 

Fire striking 

Singing silly songs 

Toasting malt loaf


Week 5

  • Walk to the round house 
  • Looking at the pond 
  • Inside the round house 
  • Seeing the sword 
  • Walking back 
  • Using saws 
  • Using hand drills 
  • Making popcorn 
  • Playing in the woods 

Week 4 

Walking and exploring 

Willow cutting 

Zip line making 

Toasting  stick peeling 

Hoop making 

Target making and throwing 

Drum kit making 

And Marshmallow toasting !!!!! 




Week 3

  • Ziplines
  • Den building
  • Frog jumping 
  • Log collecting
  • Fire
  • Stick whittling
  • Bread toasting 
  • zombies 
  • And finding some really wild wildlife 

Week 2 

The weather held off and we had another great day 

Zip line making 

Stickman making 

Flag marking

Fabric making 

Musical instruments and mud kitchen exploring 

and more shelter building and bug hunting



And we are back .....

Forest schools 2021 

We Are really pleased to be back in the forest

First session 

  • Meeting the team
  • Seeing the woods 
  • Learning about using the hazard flags 
  • Bug hunting 
  • Having fun !


Thank You

  to everyone who helped with forest schools - we couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you to all the parents who made it possible, we have had a great time and all learnt a lot!

Life at Forest Schools 1


Life at forest schools 2


Cooking on the campfire week 6


Warming up by the fire

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Forest School Testwood Lakes 2019 Week 3

Still image for this video

Forest Schools Testwood Lakes 2019 Week 2

A great big thank you to everyone who made this years Forest School such a brilliant success.

Thank you to all the parents for getting children there and back and in the right clothing.

Thank you to Grace and her amazing team Linda and Clive for all their hard work and fantastic activities.

Thank You to Michelle and Chrissy for helping every week.

And finally thank you to Mrs Jones for being brilliant and one step head of me and keeping everything running smoothly.

Thank you all - it couldn't have happened without you!

Fire Striking Safety Video

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Popping Corn

Still image for this video

Fire Safety

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Climbing trees safely!

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What is Forest School?

Forest School is a system of learning in an outdoor classroom – usually a woodland –

through a range of practical skills and achievable tasks which build confidence,

self-esteem and independence. Weekly sessions with the same group of children

take place over a 6 – 10 week period. Developed in Sweden in the 1950’s,

Forest School is an intrinsic part of the education system in Denmark and is

growing in popularity across the UK.


What do you do at Forest School?


  • Explore the natural world.
  • Use tools to make things.
  • Shelter building.
  • Fire lighting.
  • Campfire cooking.
  • Arts and crafts.
  • Storytelling.
  • Music making.
  • Learning through ‘risky’ play.

What our parents think of Forest Schools

What do you feel your child has learned/gained from their Forest School experience?

Confidence and Independence

He has learned to tie a knot! He talks about his experience a lot

After each session he has been so animated in talking about his activity, he has gained lots of skills and loved using tools

His confidence has rocketed and he plays better with others

Lots of opportunities to gain confidence through outside play/adventure

Come out of himself more, he has gained a lot

His confidence at home and at school has improved dramatically since he started Forest School

He has absolutely loved his experience and has always come home excited about what he has achieved


What has your child enjoyed about Forest School?

Enjoyed zipwire and everything

He enjoyed doing the gutters and mud kitchen

Everything, he loves being outside and enjoyed learning new skills

Mud kitchen, food/drinks, fire, sawing

Most of it but mostly getting wet and being allowed to do it

Sawing and drilling necklaces

Toasting on the fire

He has enjoyed all of it. He has spoken in great detail about each week, about all of the activities

Callum has thoroughly enjoyed himself, building fires and being outdoors

Making food on the fire

Making fires, being outdoors and learning

Every bit of it regardless of weather. He didn’t want it to end; a great opportunity that I would love for him to repeat


Please comment on any differences in your child’s confidence or approach to learning that you have noticed during the Forest School project:

Seems more confident

He is more willing to do things on his own

He had lost his confidence completely when he started year one and Forest School has brought it back. He’s so much happier again.

Confidence in playing with other children and independent play

Come out of himself more and will try new things

He talks to people that he hasn’t met, interacts much better with everyone. Stood in front of the whole school yesterday and spoke lines.

He is willing to work together and help out more and he is listening and concentrating much more.

Trying new and different things without thinking too hard

He has gained better listening skills and enjoyed expressing his creativity. Building different friendship circles.


What would you say to the parents of next years Year 1/2 children if they asked for your views about this year’s project?

Really good experience for children, helps with their learning and will enjoy it

They will love it!

To definitely do it – He has loved every minute

Excellent opportunities for outside play and adventure in safe, structured environment

It was good and my son enjoyed it very much

Do it!

It’s 100% worth your child taking part, I couldn’t recommend it any more

May it continue and give others the chance to have an amazing experience

Definitely take your child, you will discover a new child

It is worth the effort to take/pick up on a Thursday

Best thing for your children to do – they will love it


Any further comments.

Brilliant experience, He has loved it

Massive thank-you to you all for bringing my son out of his shell

Thank-you for this opportunity

Do it again next year!