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In Year R the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework in which they work toewards the early learning goals in expressive art and design anf then in Key Stage One they follow the National Curriculum. The children explore a wide variety of musical instruments both tuned and untuned percussion. They have the opportunityu to sing songs and learn rhythms and chants. Wherever possible children listen to both taped and live music. The children are encouraged to evaluate their own work and others too by being a critical friend. The children are also encouraged to perform to each other, in class and in front of the whole school and parents.


In Year R the children take part in exploring and using different instruments through the musical activities in the Foundation Stage. This will provide them with different musical experiences and a variety of opportunities for being imaginative through their own ideas, feelings and thoughts. The children learn familiar songs, they respond to music. They learn how to tap out simple rhythmic patterns and begin to make up their own rhythms. They have the opportunity ti explore and learn how sound and noise can be changed.


in Key Stage One the children follow the National Curriculum. They explore through song, experiment with sound and instruments and begin to appreciate a wide range of music. the children have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs or groups, as a whole class and perform to each other, the whole school and parents.


During Key Stage 1 pupils listen carefully and respond physically to a wide range of music. They listen to music in many different styles and from different periods and cultures. They have an opportunity to play musical instruments and sing a variety of songs from memory, adding accompaniments and creating short compositions, with increasing confidence, imagination and control. They explore and enjoy how sounds and silence can create different moods and effects. Musical opportunities are usually linked to topics. The children also benefit from expert tuition from The Hampshire music team, providing lessons in singing, recorders, ukele and drumming.

(reviewed by Subject leader March 2022)