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Religious Education

Religious Education (RE)



At Eling Infant School we aim to acknowledge children's own beliefs whilst supporting them to develop a knowledge and understanding of what religion is and some of the beliefs, practises and values of those who live a religious life. 



Our curriculum is based on 'Living difference IV' which is the agreed syllabus for Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton.  This is the legal document to be followed for teaching RE in our county and fulfils the requirements of the Education Act 1996.  


Children are required to study Christianity along with a second religion and we have selected Hinduism.  However, other beliefs and ideas, held by children and families at the school, are also explored and enjoyed.


Children learn basic concepts, about these religions, in many creative ways including drama, singing, performing, puppets, art, cooking, visits, visitors, stories, games and video clips.  Children are encouraged to use philosophical approach to exploring the answers to some of life's big questions.  We have good links with local churches which enables us to visit and have visitors from these churches as well as hosting visitors who can share other religious practices with us.


All parents have the right to withdraw children from RE lessons and this, and their alternative lessons can be discussed with staff at the school.  



In RE children learn skills that will give them the ability to respond to cultures, beliefs and practises in a way that fosters understanding and respect. We want children to enjoy the diversity around them whilst being able to contemplate the big questions in life.


Reviewed by Subject Leader - February 2022