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Seahorses 2020-2021

Wow... that is the end of the academic year. You have all done absolutely brilliantly and we are so proud of every single one of you in team Seahorse. Year 1's it has been amazing to see you grow this year and I am so excited that I will be able to teach you all again next year in Year 2. Year 2's you are all super stars. We have been so lucky to have you this year and we will miss every single one of you now you are going into Year 3. Your new schools are so lucky to have you joining them. Remember to shine bright and to always follow your dreams. This has been my first year as a class teacher and I will never forget any of you and all the fun and laughs we have shared throughout what has been a tricky but successful year. 



Seahorses Talent Show 2021

Wow what a talented bunch you are ! Thank you for being such great Seahorses - have a great summer

Year 2 Leavers Singing 2021

ILearn Presentation Transition yr1 to year 2

ILearn Year 2 to year 3

Reading at Eling - please read.

What a great first day back after half term! The Seahorses enjoyed going to knight school , jester school and crest school. Thank you for all your brilliant outfits, here are some photos of a marvellous medieval day.

Summer 2 knowledge organiser - fairytale castle twisted tales

Summer 2 curriculum newsletter - fairytale castle twisted tales.

That is the end of the half term. This is our first full half term in a long time and the children have been amazing. I love this topic because the children reflect on what is going wrong in our world and are then inspired to make a difference. Plastic pollution and the bee population declining is a serious problem and the class have wanted to help change this. We now have one half term left. The curriculum leafleat and knowledge organiser are above, so please have a read and talk to your children about the keywords and what they mean.  We hope you all have a great half term. Don't forget that the first day back is a dress up day. An email has been sent out about what to wear. See you in June super Seahorses!

What a super round-up! Following our letters, Councillor Rackham came in to see us today to explain how the rubbish around Eling will be dealt with and what we can do to help. After all our learning about bees, we decided that to help the bees and other animals we needed to plant more flowers so Councillor Rackham showed us how to make Wildflower Seed Bombs! Councillor Rackham is going to place the seed-bombs in Eling to make a wildflower meadow to help all the wildlife of Eling. We have also been learning about making new habitats for wildlife so we were lucky to have Helen Bartlett visit and explain about the Swifts that we are hoping will come and nest in our Swift nest boxes on the side of our school! We have also learnt about re-cycling and re-using and we enjoyed creating sculptures from all the recycling we have collected.

SEAHORSES....WE HAVE A PROBLEM! We went for a walk around our beautiful area and found some things that caused us to be concerned...RUBBISH! We will now need to write a letter to our local council discussing what we have seen today.

NSPCC Number Day 2021 - Well done to every one for such a wonderful number day! You all looked brilliant and it was great to see you all enjoying lots of different maths activities!

Well done Team Seahorses for a slightly weird but wonderful half term. It has been so lovely to see al your amazing faces again back in the classroom. Each and every one of you has worked so hard and all the teachers in Seahorses have been so proud of you. Here are some pictures of the last few days, with our Easter bonnets and searching for signs of spring! I hope you have a lovely relaxing Easter break and I can't wait to hear all about it when we come back! Remember to try and use bug club and write down your reads to get lots of reading rewards! Adios, Mr Neal

Summer 1 - Wonderful World Curriculum Leaflet

Summer 1 - Wonderful World Knowledge Organiser.

I Learn Maths spring 2 2021 KS1

Find out more about supporting you child with maths

WORLD BOOK DAY TAKE 2 - It has been a lovely world book day and seeing you all in your amazing pyjamas! Here are some pictures of us making our story telling tool kit! Reading is so important and remember there is a book out there we can all enjoy. Enjoy using your tool kit tonight when reading your bed time story. Well done Seahorses for coming back so brilliantly!

ILearn Spring 1 spelling KS1

Find out about the expectations for spellings

Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser - Frozen Planet.

Spring 1 Curriclum Leaflet - Frozen Planet.

I just would like to say how proud I am of the Seahorse class. This year will be a year that we will never forget and the children have gone through so much throughout 2020. However, they have been such brilliant learners through both half terms and have all made such amazing progress as learners. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year. Thank you parents and carers for your continued support this year. I look forward to seeing the class back in school on Monday 4th January

Seahorses Christmas Play

Seahorses retell the story of the nativity

We are really proud of our children. We have been learning about Remembrance and the importance of remembering. We stood perfectly for the two minute silence. Thank you for all the donations we have received for the poppy appeal through the Royal British Legion.

WHAT A BRILLIANT DAY! Lisa from 'Creature Teachers' came in and spoke to the class about beared dragons, milk snakes, barn owls and other animals. It was such a fantastic opportunity for the class. All the children came out full of new information. Thank you Lisa for today.

Autumn 2 Knowledge Organiser: Amazing Animals.

Autumn 2 Curriculum Leaflet: Amazing Animals.

WHAT A HALF TERM! I first would like to say how proud I am of my class. This has been one crazy year but every child has settled in beautifully and have made huge progress this half term. We have loved our space topic and seeing the class so keen to learn more has been brilliant to see. It has been such a great first half term for me at Eling Infant school and to be able to work with such an amazing group of children has helped us all settle in. I hope everyone has a great half term. Above will be the curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser for our Autumn 2 topic 'Amazing Animals'. Please have a read to see what we have planned next half term.

We have also said good bye to Miss White, who we will all miss. We can not wait to hear all about the baby when she arrives!


See you after half term,

Mr Neal 

Seahorse rocket launch

Come and watch our rockets fly into space !

Autumn 1 Space Knowledge organiser.

Autumn 1 Space Curriculum leaflet.

Hello and welcome back! What a brilliant first week back we have had with our new Seahorse Class! My name is Miss White. Mr Neal and I are the Seahorse class teachers. We also have Mrs Moore and Mrs Postlethwaite, who are the class teaching assistants. The children have all come back to school amazingly, have picked up our routines quickly and are already settling in so well! We have enjoyed getting to know each other and look forward to a fantastic year together.


We are going to upload a virtual 'meet the teachers' video, so next week we will let you know when this is online. The video will give you advice about reading, homework and other questions normally asked at this time of the year. If you have any questions before then, we can chat before or after school outside the classroom door. Please have a read of our curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser, which has been emailed to you, to find out about our new topic next week. I will put them above this paragraph and send them out on paper.


We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year,

The Seahorse Team