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Speech language and communication needs (SLCN)

What are speech and language needs?

Speech and language needs can include:


  • unclear speech (speech sounds)
  • not understanding what is being said (understanding of spoken language)
  • vocabulary and putting words together into sentences (spoken language)
  • mixing with other children and adults (social communication skills)
  • only speaking in certain situations (selectively mute)
  • stammering or stuttering
  • hoarse or husky sounding voice
  • hearing impairment / deafness.

More information and support 


Referrals and getting assessed 


At school we will complete a screening using the therapies pack and or a computer program called language link.  If difficulties are identified then we will support at school.  If the difficulties are more complex then we will refer to Solent NHS SALT.  


They have an integrated referral form offering the choice of service you require. You can refer to more than one service if needed, in which case a fully integrated assessment will take place.

Referral forms must be completed in full with a parent / guardian signature.


Children’s Therapy Service has an open referral system, which means we accept referrals from anyone including:

  • Parents / Carers
  • paediatricians
  • GPs
  • health visitors or other health care professionals, including audiologists
  • pre-school or school staff.