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Penguin Club Special Events


Santa's workshop arts and crafts


Join us for the run up to Christmas where you can make your own magical reindeer food and other Christmas crafts. This will be running on the 12th December 3-5pm, please book with the office or our penguin club team


Christmas Party

Tuesday 18th December 3-5pm is our annual Penguin Club Christmas party, join us for fun, games and even a sneaky surprise visit from father Christmas. Please book to avoid dissapointment 


Hot chocolate and porridge breakfast coming soon!

After the October half term penguin club will be adding delicious hot chocolate and warm runny porridge to the menu for those cold mornings. 

This will commence on the 29th October






If you would like to book any after school club sessions please pop in to the office or ask the penguin club team. 


Any toy donations are highly appreciated.


Enjoy the rest of the term,


Penguin club team