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EHCP (Education Health and Care plan)

Education Health Care plan (EHCP)

There are a few cases where children whose educational needs cannot be met fully from arrangements normally made under the SEN Support structure in mainstream settings. These children and young people have complex and long term learning difficulties which require either extra resources in the mainstream setting or may require placement in specialist resourced provision in a mainstream school or a special school. For these children and young people it can be necessary to carry out an EHC needs assessment so that we can identify clearly the special educational provision required to meet their special educational needs. 



What is an Education, Health and Social Care (EHC) plan? (updated 2019)

Developed by the Council for Disabled Children, an easy to follow short animation for parents, practitioners and others who want to quickly learn about the education health and care (EHC) planning process. For further information pleas visit

What is an Education, Health and Care Plan?

Although this video is aimed at foster parents there is some good information here - When they reference foster parents it also applies to biological parents and carers too.
An Education, Health and Care Plan (also known as an 'EHC Plan' or 'EHCP') is a legal document that outlines a young person's educational, health and social care needs and requirements. As a foster parent, you can apply for an EHCP if you feel the child in your care has additional needs which cannot be met within the school's Special Education Needs (SEN) budget.

Applying for an EHCP 

This process shows the steps that are taken in an EHC Assessment, and what happens if an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is or isn't agreed.