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Kinship Care

Kinship Care 

What is Kinship Care? 

Kinship care is when a child lives full-time or most of the time with a relative or close family friend, usually because their parents are not able to care for them. In the UK, there are more than 180,000 children in kinship care.

Grandparents are the most common kinship carers, but older siblings, aunts, uncles, and people who know the child well can also take on the role.

You might see kinship carers referred to as ‘family and friends carers’ or ‘connected people’ by local authorities and in some documents.

If you are new to kinship care, you may find it useful to read advice on preparing for being a kinship carer.

What is kinship care?

‘Championing Kinship Care’

Thousands of kinship carers are set to be better supported as the government today (15 December 2023) launches the first ever national kinship care strategy, ‘Championing Kinship Care’.

The strategy shines a spotlight on the incredible kinship carers - grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and wider family networks - that provide loving homes to children who cannot live with their parents, and who will now receive greater financial stability and support from local authorities and schools.  

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