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Mental Health Support in Schools Team MHST

 Mental Health Support Team work for CAMHS,  their role being to work with schools and offer additional    support for young peoples mental health needs.  They will work with groups of young people with mild to moderate mental health needs, as well as providing 1:1 interventions and parent led work. They  will also be working with the school staff to introduce and support with whole school mental health approaches. This helps to bridge the gap between health and education services, as well as providing early help and  support.

Some of the things MHST can help with are:


 sad   Low mood  sad  

 frown  Worries frown  

cool  Exam stress cool

surprise  Sleep   surprise

crying  Fears Difficulties with emotions   crying      

 no  Coping Strategies  yes

enlightened  Problem Solving enlightened



Introduction to the Education Mental Health Practitioner Programme

If you think MHST could help you please contact us and we can discuss it further and can refer. 

Parent Workshops 


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