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The School Day

7.30 am            Penguins breakfast club opens 


8.30 am            Children are welcomed into their classrooms 

8.45am             Learning time starts

Varies               Morning Break (drink and fruit offered to all children) 

Followed by      Learning time starts

12.00 pm          Lunch 

1.00 pm            Registration 

1.10 pm            Learning time 

3.00 pm            End of School Day           


3.00pm              Penguins after school club, and after school activity clubs start 

4.00pm              After school activity clubs end

6:00pm              Penguins after school club closes

The school site is open between 7.30am and 6pm for wrap around care. 


School hours are 8.30am to 3pm which is 32.5 hours a week.