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Penguin Club Wraparound Care




for all children attending Eling Infant School and Nursery aged 3 to 7 years

Penguins Breakfast Club

This club runs each morning 7.45 to school start. It costs £3.00 and includes a healthy breakfast. 

We also charge £1.00 for 'Drop and Stop' - from 8.20 (no breakfast included)

There are lots of fun things on offer early in the morning, so if parents need to get off to an early start come and join us.

Penguins Tea Time Club

This club runs each afternoon/evening from 3-6pm. Children can stay for 1 hour for £4, 2 hours for £8 or 3 hours for £9.00. Each includes a high tea. There are lots of fun things to do at Teatime club with Sam, Hayley, Mandy,Tracy, Millie and Letty.

Both this club and Breakfast run from the  'Reef' formerly the Children's Centre building.  We have regular children who come each evening and others who come as a treat to enjoy 'specials'. A programme of dates and special activities is published regularly. 


We look forward to seeing you!


Please take time to read our Penguin Club brochure, if you have any questions feel free to ask.