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Primary Behaviour Service

Primary Behaviour Service 

The Primary Behaviour Service primarily works with mainstream primary schools. The service supports children who do not currently have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and who go to school in Hampshire. This includes children who live in a bordering local authority but attend a Hampshire primary school.



Wellbeing Support Service

The Wellbeing Support Service is funded by CAMHS, so referrals need to come through a Health service such as school nursing service or the GP.  For example, a parent calling their GP and asking for a referral to the PBS Wellbeing Support Service will be contacted in due course by our Parent Support Advisor to plan their next steps.  


Family Support 


To receive support from the Children’s Wellbeing Service, you as a parent need to seek a referral from any staff working within health. This could be your GP, Health Visitor, School Nurse, Paediatrician, CAMHS or any other staff working within health with whom you may already be involved


As a service we are not able to diagnose your child, but we will endeavour to provide families with a range of strategies for positive behaviour management and a deeper understanding of the reasons behind the behaviour.