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Mental health

Find information and support for your mental health.

NHS talking therapies

Talking therapies, or psychological therapies, are effective and confidential treatments delivered by fully trained and accredited NHS practitioners. They can help with common mental health problems like stress, anxiety and depression.

Advice for parents

Find advice and support for parents who have children or teenagers with mental health problems.

Mental health services for young people

Find out about NHS mental health support services for children and young people.

Children and young people's mental health services (CYPMHS)

We help children and young people, their families and carers when someone is experiencing emotional wellbeing or mental health difficulties.

Help for Parents and Carers

We know that it can be really tough to support a young person with a mental health difficulty, and to know what to do to help them. We want to help make this easier for you, so we have put together a list of some of the life issues or difficulties that they might be experiencing, and the top tips we would recommend to help to manage these difficulties together as a family.

To make a referral to Hampshire Specialist CAMHS, please complete the following referral form.


Common Problems

Anxiety (worry)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)


Self-Harm and Suicide

Depression (low mood)

Eating Difficulties

Learning Disabilities

Psychosis (and hearing voices)

Trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Life Issues

Behaviour of concern

Bereavement and Loss

Body Image and Self-Esteem


Children in Care

Coronavirus; help support and advice

Drugs and Alcohol

Family Breakdown


Gaming Addiction

Mental Health and Mental illness

Military Families

Physical Health

Sex and Relationships

Sexuality and Gender Identity


Transition through schools


Children and young people's mental health services (CYPMHS) information for parents and carers