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At Eling Infant School and Nursery the curriculum is designed around our belief that each child is unique and should be empowered to be a confident, resilient, reflective, independent, inspired, self-motivated, life-long learner. It has been created with a deep understanding of child development research so that it best meets the needs and learning styles of all the children at our school. The curriculum has been designed around a core set of progressive knowledge and skills, but the context in which these are delivered is tailored to each cohort of children dependent on their needs and interests. The knowledge and skills are planned intelligently so that the sequence enables children to explore, embed and then develop expertise.


The curriculum is purposeful and meaningful for the children in our school at this time, rooted in the belief that our curriculum will develop life-long learners. It is our intention that opportunities are endless for each pupil particularly ensuring any barriers to success are overcome for any disadvantaged or vulnerable pupil. The delivery and design of our curriculum is planned to ensure a seamless transition between year groups and key stages, including readiness for their next stage of education.


It is our belief that children will be most successful when school and home work together in partnership. Therefore we have a high focus on engaging parents with their child’s learning through a variety of methods; enabling parents to support their children’s learning using a consistent approach with school.


It is our aim to continuously reflect on the impact of our curriculum. This year our reflections have led us to review our provision for ensuring that all staff have the knowledge of the subject leaders delivering the subject specific lessons and we are focusing on flexibility and responsiveness to assessment within lessons.


As a staff team we are relentless in ensuring we offer the highest quality of education for our pupils. To this end we continuously reflect upon and develop the pedagogy underpinning our curriculum. We immerse ourselves in a range of thinking and training, gaining inspiration from other leading educationalists. As well as hosting reciprocal visits with local schools as well as those further afield. As a result we shape a bespoke curriculum offer for our pupils. 


 Enjoy, Learn, Inspire, Nurture, Grow


Ofsted November 2019 - 'The curriculum has been reviewed to make sure that pupils learn and remember more in a wide range of subjects' 'Teaching builds on what pupils already know'




Our Learning Friends


We use ideas from Guy Claxton’s ‘Building Learning Power to help the children become effective learners and develop good learning habits with our learning friends. 


 The mouse who demonstrates resourcefulness. Being able to ask questions, make links, make good use of equipment and resources, being ready to learn in new ways and using imagination to consider possibilities.



The elephant who demonstrates reflectiveness. Being self-aware, thinking about what has been learnt, evaluating strengths and weaknesses, adapting, changing and revising work.



The meerkat who knows how to have good relationships. Knowing when its best to work alone or with others, knowing when to take initiative or let others take the lead, listening and learning from others, showing empathy and consideration to their views.



The spider who demonstrates resilience. Showing perseverance, sticking to challenges and managing distractions.




The who rabbit demonstrates bravery. Trying new things, facing new challenges and demonstrating grit.





Year R children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and Years 1 and 2 follow the National Curriculum.


Religious Education

RE is taught in accordance with the County syllabus, ‘Living Difference’.  Children are taught an appreciation and respect for their own  beliefs and that of others.  Christianity is taught to reflect the religious traditions of Great Britain and the Hindu religion to help children flourish within their diverse communities. 


Collective Worship

Assembly or ‘Collective Worship’ is a special time during our school day where all staff and children come together to address values and morals with a broadly Christian theme.


Extra-curricular clubs

We offer a broad range of clubs for children to enjoy after school. Please see our clubs page for more information.


Educational Visits

These provide valuable opportunities and enrich learning.  Visitors such as artists, musicians and theatre groups are also invited into school to add breadth and stimulation to children’s learning.


Year R progression statements and curriculum overview 2023-24

KS1 foundation subject breadth map 2023-2024

Key Stage One Topic map 2023-2024

Foundation subject breadth map 2022-2023

Key Stage One Topic map 2022-2023

Year R progression statements and curriculum overview 2022-23

Foundation subject breadth map 2021-2022

Key stage one topic plan 2021-2022

Year R Yearly Overview and Curriculum Coverage 2021-2022

Our Safeguarding Curriculum

Nursery Curriculum