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Dolphins 2021-2022

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It has been great to have the children back. However, they have come back to school to find a huge problem. Mr McElhenny has had a very unhealthy Christmas and has become very unhealthy. We are going to have to think about what he needs to do to become more healthier. We will work towards producing a fitness DVD. Good luck children, Mr McElhenny needs you!

Spring 1 knowledge organiser - Bodies

Spring 1 curriculum leaflet - Bodies

That is the end of the first term. I am so proud with how far everyone in class has come on with their learning. Thinking back to the beginning of September, to now, makes myself very happy. Children, you are amazing. I hope you have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year! Please have a read above of our curriculum leaflet and knowledge for our new topic. Please go through the knowledge organiser vocabulary and discuss these words with your children. See you in January!

We also had a surprise guest after the recorder concert. Safe to say the children were very happy!

What a busy week this has been! We have performed the Christmas play four times and then finished the week with a recorder concert. I was able to watch the recorder concert and I felt incredibly proud of my class. They have come on so much from September! They are all amazing!

Dolphins, Seals and Seahorses Nativity 2021

BREAD MAKING. We have had a great day making bread, just like they did in 1666. Children will soon write their instructions so that they can teach other people how to make bread.

This is the knowledge organiser for our Autumn 2 topic, Fire Fire. Please have a read to find out about our new topic. Please talk about the vocabulary and what the words mean.

This is the curriculum leaflet for our Autumn 2 topic, Fire Fire. Please have a read to find out what we will be learning this half term.

That is the end of the first half term. I am so incredibly proud of everyone in the class! Moving into a new year group is a huge change and they have all adapted amazingly. It has been great to see all the new learning and seeing the class work as a team. I hope you all have a wonderful break. Please take a read of the new topic curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser to find out what we will be learning during the next half term.



Well done to all those who attended the football festival! You represented our school for the first time in two years.

We had a wonderful trip out to return our Bog Baby to his natural habitat! We were sad to say goodbye but know that it was best for our Bog Baby!

Home learning expectations

Knowledge organiser: Bog Baby

Curriculum newsletter Autumn 1: BOG BABY

What a fantastic first week! It has been great to see my new class. My name is Mr McElhenny and I am the Dolphin class teacher. We also have Mrs Jones and Miss Russell in the class. At the moment we are spending time getting to know your children, celebrating what makes them awesome. Our new topic will start on Monday 13th and you will see the curriculum plan and knowledge organiser above this that will tell you what we will be learning and how to help your children at home. There is a meet the teacher on Tuesday 14th for year 1 parents and it will be great to see you all then. Our first homework will go out week on Friday 17th. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask at the class door.

KS1 Topic plan for the year: 2021-2022