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KS1 (Seals, Dolphins and Seahorses) 2020-2021

The Seals Christmas Story

The seals retell the nativity.

The Dolphins Christmas Story

The Dolphins class retell the nativity

Seahorses Christmas Play

Seahorses retell the story of the nativity

I would like to say a big well done to everyone in the Seals, Seahorses and Dolphins classes. This year has been a challenging one and you have all had your normal school routine changed. However, everyone has come back in September with a super learning attitude. I have looked at the learning across the three classes and every child has made huge progress in such a short time. I would also like to thank parents and carers for all the help with learning at home and for following our new routines. I hope everyone has a fun and restful half term. Please remember that we have an INSET day on Monday 2nd of November, so we will see you all on Tuesday the 3rd of November.


Mr McElhenny

Come and see our round up for our space topic 

Seahorse rocket launch

Come and watch our rockets fly into space !

Seals rocket launch

Come and watch our amazing launch

Dolphins rocket launch

Come and watch our amazing Launch!

Seals Class team

Meet the Seals class team.

Seahorse class team

Meet the Seahorse team.

Meet the team Dolphins

See who's in the Dolphin team

Home learning expectations

Find out more about what your children need to do at home

Dolphins class

Take a tour of the Dolphins Classroom