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We are in the Echo!!

We were very proud to see ourselves in the Echo today!


IT USED to be called the biggest village in England.

Totton has since grown into the largest town in the New Forest but Eling, with its small collection of narrow residential streets, still retains its villagey feel.

Eling Infant School, which occupies an attractive Victorian building, embodies all that it best about the area.

The school has only 153 pupils, which ensures children are given the best possible start to their academic life.

Each youngster is known to everyone - and the caring and supportive atmosphere enables them to feel confident both about themselves and their learning.

The school boasts bright, spacious classrooms equipped with the latest technology while the landscaped grounds give pupils the chance to to study the environment as well as enjoying quality play time.

Head teacher Trina Sillence has been in the post since 2016, when she succeeded Beverely Smith. One of Trina’s nephews goes to the school and her children are past pupils.

She said: “Eling Infant School has a family feel. We know all the parents as well as the children and I welcome them in the playground each morning.”

Some of the homes surrounding the site were built in 1919 and 1923 but the school itself is even older, having welcomed its first pupils about 125 years ago.

Staff are appealing for old photographs and one of those already received was taken in the days when the land opposite was still a field.

Ms Sillence said: "We are a highly successful school that is popular in the local community. Our onsite nursery enables us to work with families with children from the age of two until they leave us at seven.

"We pride ourselves on the relationship that we have with our parents and the friendly family feel that the school has. Staff are available every morning to talk to parents. Ofsted 2016 recognised our work and stated that 'parents, governors and staff all describe the school as having a family atmosphere with good-quality teaching'.

It was also recognised that the school 'puts the needs, education and well-being of pupils at the forefront of all that you do'.

"Children are at the heart of our school. We think they are brilliant and it is a pleasure to work with them day in day out. We nurture and develop each child’s uniqueness and try to foster their personal talents and strengths. Recognising that they will not all be the same. Our fantastic team of staff work incredibly hard to give all our children the best education possible.

"Our breakfast club and tea time club gives parents the support they need to continue with their day to day lives. The school provides onsite wraparound care from 7.45am to 6pm every evening.

"Our after school clubs include art, dance and drama as well as sports clubs. These clubs give children access to a range of exciting activities at the end of the school day.

"We are immensely proud of our school, our children and the education we provide."