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At Eling Infant School we believe that good science education equips children with the knowledge and skills they will need in the future. This area of learning is fundamental to our ability to understand, explore and influence the world around us.  Through science we aim to bring about a sense of awe and wonder and to foster the children's curiosity and creativity.


We teach science through topics linked to the other areas of the curriculum, making the learning accessible and relevant to the children. Children carry out practical, hands on activities and investigations that engage and excite them. The local environment is used throughout the year to learn about the animals and plants that live there, the different habitats and the changing seasons. Children learn about senses and the human body. They find out about a range of common materials and their properties.


Children learn to 'work scientifically';

  • observing closely, noticing changes over time
  • making comparisons
  • grouping and classifying
  • noticing patterns
  • asking their own questions from their observations
  • using simple equipment
  • carrying out simple comparative tests in order to answer questions
  • collecting results or evidence
  • talking about their work and what they have found out, using  simple scientific vocabulary to help them make explanations
  • presenting their findings in different ways
  • using some simple secondary sources of information


These scientific skills are taught throughout the science curriculum, within the context of scientific enquiries.