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Seahorses 2021-2022

Wow and just like that another year has passed! Well done to every single one of you I have been so proud of every child in Team Seahorse this year, you have all been so resilient and have overcome many challenges. Thank you to all the parents for your hard work as well and it has been so nice to be able to have you all in to see shows, trips, sports events etc. I would like to wish all the year 2's the best of luck with their new schools and new challenges and you will always hold a special place in my teaching career as being in my first ever class for not 1 but 2 years. So a massive well done to you guys for putting up with me for that long! Well done as well to the year 1s who have worked especially hard and have grown up so much this past year. I look forward to seeing you all next year even if you are not coming back to Seahorses and you will make amazing year 2s. I hope everyone has a lovely summer holidays and has some much needed rest. 

Until next time, Mr Neal 

Here are some sites to help with your child over the holidays.

What a fantastic afternoon down at Eling Rec. The children were amazing and it was brilliant seeing them in the races. Thank you for all those who were able to join us.

The year 1s and 2s did amazing on their trip to Boldwerwood. This was their first major trip and they behaved amazingly. We saw deer, made animals, explored the forest and looked at animal skulls. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE HALF TERM!

Welcome back. It has been great seeing all the class back together. Welcome to the last half term! I can't believe this is nearly the end of the year. This half term our topic is 'FORESTS'. We are lucky to live near the New Forest and we are going to learn about our local forest, and then compare to rainforests around the world. With this is mind, we have our trips this week to Bolderwood. What a great way to start the half term!

Curriculum leaflet and Knowledge organiser - Forests - Summer 2

What a fantastic end to the half term! The children really enjoyed celebrating our Jubilee party. This half term has been crazy, especially for our year 2s. They have had to do 4 SATs papers after two very difficult years and did so amazingly. I am so proud of the independent learners they have become. Also, thank you for the year 1s who made space for them to tackle these quizzes. It has been a brilliant topic, 'TREASURE ISLAND'. It all started with our pirates day and ended with our Jubilee party. It is strange to think that next half term is our last half term together. I hope everyone has a lovely half term and a super rest. We will see you on Monday 6th June. 

Welcome back Pirates! You all looked amazing! We are looking forward to a sunnier half term, here are some shots from our day at pirate school!

Knowledge organiser - Treasure Island - Summer 1 - Please read to find what we are learning next half term.

Curriculum leaflet - Treasure Island - Summer 1 - Please read to find out what we are learning this half term.

Well done everyone for your amazing Easter Bonnets! It was great to spend this morning at the church and sing some Spring songs!

Wow what a 'Super' Friday! You all looked amazing for this years comic relief! Well done everybody!

Here is the presentation from the I LEARN session around spelling and handwriting. Please have a read to see how best to support your child at home in regards to spellings and handwriting.

What a busy first week back! We have enjoyed 2 hook days as well as World Book Day! It has been great to see you all ready our new topic all around Africa! Have a look at some shots taken from our busy week!

Knowledge organiser Spring 2 - Africa

Curriculum leaflet Spring 2 - Africa

What a crazy way to end a crazy half term, Christmas seems so long ago! The children have had to adapt to lots of changes this half term and seeing them do this so well again makes me a very proud teacher. This has been a fantastic half term for me seeing the children tackle learning around our topic 'bodies'. We have worked together to see what bodies need to be healthy, not just physically, but mentally. You can see our fitness video below. This is such an important topic and seeing the children so enthused about it, is great. I hope everyone stays safe with the changing weather and that you all have a great half term ready for our new topic all about Africa!

Spring 1 KS1 round up - Keeping Healthy

Join us with our fitness routine!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It has been great to have the children back. However, they have come back to school to find a huge problem. Mr McElhenny has had a very unhealthy Christmas and has become very unhealthy. We are going to have to think about what he needs to do to become more healthier. We will work towards producing a fitness DVD. Good luck children, Mr McElhenny needs you!

Spring 1 knowledge organiser - Bodies

Spring 1 curriculum leaflet - Bodies

That is the end of the first term. I am so proud with how far everyone in class has come on with their learning. Thinking back to the beginning of September, to now, makes myself very happy. Children, you are amazing. I hope you have a great Christmas and a fantastic New Year! Please have a read above of our curriculum leaflet and knowledge for our new topic. Please go through the knowledge organiser vocabulary and discuss these words with your children. See you in January!

What a busy week this has been! We have performed the Christmas play four times and then finished the week with a recorder concert. I was able to watch the recorder concert and I felt incredibly proud of my class. They have come on so much from September! They are all amazing!  

Dolphins, Seals and Seahorses Nativity 2021

Seahorse Round Up - Great fire of London

Come and see what we have learnt about The Great Fire of London

Well done Seahorses for completing your first half term of the year! You have all done amazing and all the Seahorse team are super proud of you! Enjoy the half term and relax! You will find the knowledge organiser below. Have a lovely break and see you next Monday!

This is the knowledge organiser for our Autumn 2 topic, Fire Fire. Please have a read to find out about our new topic. Please talk about the vocabulary and what the words mean.

This is the curriculum leaflet for our Autumn 2 topic, Fire Fire. Please have a read to find out what we will be learning this half term.

Well done to all those who attended the football festival! You represented our school for the first time in two years.

Here we have some pictures from our walk on Tuesday, it was a sad day to say goodbye to Bog Baby but we understand that he will be happier in the wild! Well done for our first trip of the year Seahorses!

Home learning expectations

Knowledge organiser: Bog Baby

Curriculum newsletter: Autumn 1 BOG BABY

What a fantastic first week! It has been great to see my new class. My name is Mr Neal and I am the Seahorse class teacher. We also have Mrs Moore and Mrs Postlethwaite in the class. At the moment we are spending time getting to know your children, celebrating what makes them awesome. Our new topic will start on Monday 13th and you will see the curriculum plan and knowledge organiser above this that will tell you what we will be learning and how to help your children at home. There is a meet the teacher on Wednesday 15th for year 1 parents and it will be great to see you all then. Our first homework will go out on Friday 17th. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask at the class door. Well done once again for an amzing first week of the new school year!

KS1 Topic plan for the year: 2021-2022