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Seals 2022-2023

Wow, what an amazing year with an amazing class! We can't believe it is coming to an end! We would like to thank our class for being awesome and say a big good luck to the Year 2s for moving on to Junior School. Thank you also parents and carers for all your support over the year. Your children have been a pleasure to teach and we will miss our class of 2023! We hope everyone has a super, safe summer and good luck for September! 


Miss White and Mrs Collins :) 

Everyone really enjoyed creating all the amazing Sky themed art! Thank you for coming in to see our wonderful creations!

CRICKET FESTIVAL: Well done to the children who represented our school at the cricket festival. They played the games beautifully and really enjoyed themselves!!

Thank you to Praizin' Hands Puppet Group who came in and performed a show around Internet Safety. There were lots of important messages for the children to take home.

WELCOME BACK! The children have come back to find some items in the hall. A basket. A dress. Bricks, sticks and straws. We have decided that these are all from traditional tales. However, there was a note and a book. The note was from the wolf who is cross that he is always painted as the bad character. Is he right?

Summer 2: Terrific tales - curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser.

THAT IS THE END OF THE 5TH HALF TERM! What a half term it has been! I want to say a huge well done to the year 2 children in the class who completed their 'quizzes' this half term. It showed me how amazing and grown up they all were and how much progress they have made. Thank you year 1s who have also been working really hard getting ready for their phonic quiz. What a great class I have! I hope everyone has a lovely half term break and that the weather stays amazing. ONE MORE HALF TERM TO GO! Don't forget to read the new curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser for our new topic, 'Terrific tales.'

WHAT A GREAT DAY AT PORTCHESTER CASTLE. We had a brilliant day walking around the keep, outer walls and even sketching. It was also lovely have a nice run around at lunchtime. Thank you children for being so well behaved all day!

Welcome back! We hope you had a great Easter. Welcome to the summer term. Please read the knowledge organiser and curriculum leaflet below to find out what we are learning this half term. 

Here is the knowledge organiser and curriculum leaflet for our topic 'Megastructures'. Please read to find out what we are learning.

Thank you for all your support over this half term and thank you for coming to our Ukulele concert - we hope that you enjoyed it!


This has been a really busy half term but the children have done amazingly. Looking at all their learning has made us so proud of how far they have come. We hope that you all have a great Easter break and a well earned rest. The children have a small learning pack which we hope they can complete over the break.  HAPPY EASTER. 

Thank you Sarah John who came in and helped with our learning around Easter. The kids have had a great day learning about the importance of Easter and how people celebrate Easter.

Thank you Jo from the fire service who came in to help us teach us about fire safety. The classes really enjoyed their sessions!

Here is the ILEARN for year 2 parents and carers around the SATs.

What a busy first week back! We have started our new topic with a bit of a problem. We went for a walk after finding lots of rubbish. This has made our class desperate to help our local environment. We will need to think how we will spread the word to help people look after our wonderful world. Well done class!

Our new topic is called Wonderful World. Please read the curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser to find out what we will be learning this half term.

What a great way to end our 'Frozen Planet' topic. We have loved learning about the polar areas and Robert Falcon Scott. I hope the children enjoyed writing the instructions to create 'ice art'.  We hope that you all have a great half term! 


What an amazing NSPCC number day. The children all looked amazing with their different number outfits. The children enjoyed exploring a wide range of maths, such as money and measure. We also played lots of maths games. Thank you for all your donations!

Thank you to TREEHOUSE THEATRE company who came in and performed JACK AND THE BEANSTALK. The children loved the performance and were actively involved!

Here is the ILEARN around maths at Eling and how you can help at home.

WHAT A GREAT FIRST WEEK BACK! We hope you all had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. The children arrived to find a 'frozen world' on Wednesday. That helped introduce our topic 'FROZEN PLANET'. We read 'Big Bear Little brother'', which is our main literacy book this half term to also help introduce our topic. Please read the curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser below to find out all about our learning this half term.

Our new topic is called 'FROZEN PLANET'. Please read our curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser to find out what the children will be learning this half term.

Thank you for all those who walked with us or met us at the church. It was lovely to see all the children together. Well done for all the readers who helped retell the Christmas story. It has been a long two weeks but the children are still singing our Christmas songs beautifully. We hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you to the 'PRAIZIN HANDS PUPPET GROUP' who came in to retell the Christmas story. The children loved the show.

Well done Seals!  You were all amazing performing in our nativity production.  We are so proud of you all!  Thank you to all the parents and carers who came along to watch - we hope that you enjoyed it.  We hope that you have a super Christmas break.


We had a very wet walk around Eling on Monday 7th November. Our focus was on deciding if Eling was more human made or naturally made. We planned to walk on board walk but the river was too high. If you have time please explore our lovely local area and see what human or natural features there are.

WELCOME BACK! What a great start to our half term around our topic 'AMAZING ANIMALS'. On Wednesday we were very fortunate to have the Creature Teacher team come in with some amazing animals. The children were shown a range of animals, such as a barn owl, pigmy hedgehog and a corn snake. We even got to touch some of these fantastic animals. This will set up our learning well when we learn more about the animals that live around the world. THANK YOU CREATURE TEACHER TEAM!

Amazing animals - curriculum leaflet and knowledge organiser.

Well done to the children who represented the school at the football festival at Testwood school. They showed amazing skills throughout the afternoon. Well done!

SCIENCE DOME: We had a fantastic session in the science dome learning all about space. Thank you Jimmy for all your help. The children were fascinated with all the learning about planets, galaxies and so much more. Please ask them all about it!

Welcome back Seals!  We have been so impressed with how the children have settled in and learnt the new routines.  We have really enjoyed getting to know them all.  Mrs Collins is the Seal teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  Miss White is the Seals teacher on Wednesday and Thursday.  We are also really lucky this year as a Student Teacher - Mrs Crump will be helping us in Seals Monday to Thursday.  We can't wait to start our new Space topic! 

Autumn 1 knowledge organiser - SPACE

Autumn 1 curriculum leaflet - SPACE

Here is the topic plan for the year 2022-2023.